Coaching Agile Transition – ICP CAT

Coaching Agile Transition – ICP CAT

Agile Transformation is about enabling the organization to deliver right customer outcome, at the right speed and in the right way. To achieve this, organizations need to pay attention to organization culture and structure, Agile Leadership Development, Change and Program Management and understanding of complex adaptive system – the human system. The ICP-CAT workshop helps you to start building skills in these areas.

Enterprise Agile Coaching includes a set of skills that enable practitioners to catalyze the adaptation and transformation of business agility in alignment with the organization’s vision, goals, and needs in a turbulent and complex world. These skills are an expansion from agile team coaching skills.

Coaching skills needed at an enterprise scale (larger organizations) include experience in the domain and disciplines of business and management consulting, working with organizational structures and culture, developing leaders, change and program management, and complex adaptive systems – all with the intention of enabling business agility

Learn how to coach leadership and culture change in support of achieving business agility.

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